Last week I made a flying visit to London to meet my new editor at HarperCollins. I was given a wonderful welcome and shown around the new enormous sixteen storey HarperCollins building on a beautiful clear sunny day. ( Getting in and out was akin to airport security) The Shard loomed exotic, almost within touching distance. A panoramic, breathtaking London lay shimmering below.Tugs on the river, London bridge, a glittering … Continue reading

I have finally moved house and a whole new world has opened up for me. I can walk straight out of my front door down through the fields to the coastal path. The sea shimmers blue through the emerging leaves of the trees that edge my garden. I watch the small crabber down on the point as he checks his pots. I spot seals off the rocks and small white … Continue reading

I am moving house and as I pack a frightening amount of books into boxes I have been reflecting on our enduring and intimate relationship with them. I shuffle through the pile I know I will probably not read again. I find an inscription from a long ago friend or a dead aunt and memories surface like bubbles. I am back in a childhood garden reading on the grass and … Continue reading

The end of summer is always hard to bear, but the lovely thing about autumn is the thought of log fires and tucking in with books… There is a wonderful one day promotion for COME AWAY WITH ME on Kindle today.… @HarperCollinsUK Two mothers, a life-long friendship and a lie that will tear them apart… Thanks so much to all of you who have discovered my books on … Continue reading

It is post referendum and a changed world. Take a break from twitter and Facebook, work for a few hours and a new dramatic saga has unfolded. Never have more people been engaged with politics or glued to screens big and small. Deep gloom is tempered by morbid fascination. What the hell is going to happen next! The summer seems also strange; as if it is hanging there not quite … Continue reading

June 22nd 2016. The day before the EU Referendum. The day before we know if our world is going to change for ever. Remain or Leave? Are we going to be precipitated into an unknown and scary future or are we all going to settle back into a tentative and nervous normality. I cannot think of a time in my life when political debate has been so raw, vicious, passionate … Continue reading

It is far too long since I posted here. I am not sure where the time goes. Christmas came and I planned to post some New Year thoughts, but somehow time slipped… Now it is March and I realise how bad I am at fitting in writing with social media and blogs and answering emails and all the other stuff of modern life. Each year I start with good intentions. … Continue reading

          Serendipity. Books Penzance Literary Festival 2015 The Penzance Literary Festival 2015 was under way when I glanced into my programme. My eye was drawn to an author I had missed: Uncertain Light: a journey through unknown territory with Marion Molteno. ‘In the mountains of war-torn Tajikistan, rebels abduct a UN peace negotiator. The lives of those closest to him begin to unravel… The latest novel … Continue reading

      This week I spend a wonderful couple of hours spending a birthday gift voucher in Waterstones, Truro, I felt familiar excitement as I breathed in the scent of books from the doorway. As always I viewed the laden tables in dizzy wonder. So many books, so many writers, so many stories. So many lives, memories, heartache lying between covers. So many hours of work and waiting, disappointment, … Continue reading

    Is it just me who finds the ending of many recent crime novels totally implausible? It is so disappointing to be gripped throughout a book and then, in the last chapter, the main character, bewilderingly, bizarrely and deliberately puts herself slap bang into the danger she has been fleeing from for the whole book. In one gripping bestseller a woman who has just worked out who her would … Continue reading

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