After a huge storm with the wind wuthering around the house all night and tearing the shed door open and getting into every crack the day dawned in silence and beautiful light. People gathered with cameras and mobile phones to take the unusual sight of waves screaming into shore meeting those backing out and hitting each other with a tremendous wallop. There was excitement in the thunder of surf hitting … Continue reading

Today wind and vicious rain batter Cornwall but yesterday in warm sunshine I began to put my garden to bed. Hidden in the foliage were these few last sweet peas- in November!

I write THE END and hobble away from ‘Big Bertha’ (my Apple computer) in my little attic room with a view over the rooftops to the sea. I stagger downstairs, still bent from months peering at a screen. The first thing I see is my new happy vase full of flowers. It makes me smile as I rejoin the real world, which is surprisingly still turning.  

Bank Holiday Monday could not have been wetter or more depressing.  All the more wonderful to wake to sunshine. Before I started my working day I headed out for a blow on the prom. Swimmers were scurrying to Battery Rocks. Small fishing boats headed out to sea. The morning was still and autumnal and sunlight shimmered in a wide ark across the sea. The sun held such warmth I decided to … Continue reading

I  spoke at the wonderful and comforting Morrab Library about my time in Pakistan. It was great to see so many people and to find them interested in my next book. Two highlights stand out for me. Sarah Winman in conversation with Patrick Gale- on Thursday at The Acorn Theatre talking about her book.’When God Was A Rabbit.’ A book I loved. Jane Johnson at The Morrab Library on Saturday … Continue reading

There has been a host of  different faces wandering through Morrab Gardens and Penlee Park on their way to different venues to listen or to talk at Penzance’s third Literary Festival  this week. The weather was lovely and everybody in the mood to have a good time. Patrick Gale, Patron of the Festival, kicked off proceedings at The Acorn Theatre  on Wednesday reading from his latest book ‘A Perfectly Good Man.’ … Continue reading

The parades and processions were spectacular, the music loud and fun,  I thought the Mid Argyll Pipe Band were great. The stalls this year seemed  more diverse and interesting. The Thai food stalls and crepe stalls were doing a roaring trade. The weather held until late afternoon but a good time was had by all.  

We got up early to watch the Olympic Flame pass along Penzance Promenade.  I was surprised at how many people were already lined up each side of the road. The  feeling was carnival and the good natured gossip increased as we all waited in sunshine and a stiff wind. All cynicism seemed to have been put aside for a once in a lifetime chance to see the flame practically pass … Continue reading

I am always amazed at the way writing about imaginary lives can, on certain weeks, seem more real to a writer than the life they are living.  Occasionally the people and the places in my book take over. This week, after a marathon writing stint I have emerged blinking, surprised that I am after all in the UK.  I have spent all week, in my head at least, in north … Continue reading

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