Book translations

Title Translated title Country Publisher Publication date
Listening to voices Hör mich rufen Germany Knuar 2000
The sleep of birds Schemerduister Holland Karakter Uitgevers B.V 2001
Sea music La musica del mare Italy Sonzogno Editore 2003
Sea music Was langst vergessen schien Germany Bastei Lubbe 2004
Sea music Zeemuziek Holland De Kern 2003
Sea music Muzyka Fal Poland Muza Sa 2005
Sea music Sea music USA Atria books 2006
Another life Was einst aus Liebe geschah Germany Bastei Lubbe 2006
Another life Isabella Holland De Kern 2005
Another life Inne Zycie Poland Muza Sa 2006
The hour before dawn Cet instant avant l’aube France Belfond 2007
The hour before dawn Wohin die liebe dich auch führt Germany Bastei Lubbe 2007
The hour before dawn Schemer vlinder Holland De Kern 2007
The hour before dawn Antes do Amanhecer Portugal Asa 2010
The hour before dawn Godzima przed sloitem Poland Muza Sa 2006
Come away with me Jenseits des Sommers Germany Bastei Lubbe 2008
Come away with me Vieni via con me Italy Oscar Mondadori 2007
Come away with me La vie malgré tout. France Belfond 2008
Come away with me Waterdans Holland De Kern 2008
Come away with me Chodz ze mna Poland Muza Sa 2009/2011

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