It is far too long since I posted here. I am not sure where the time goes. Christmas came and I planned to post some New Year thoughts, but somehow time slipped… Now it is March and I realise how bad I am at fitting in writing with social media and blogs and answering emails and all the other stuff of modern life. Each year I start with good intentions. One morning for this. One afternoon for that… but it never seems to quite work out as I planned.

There is a two week FREE kindle promotion on Amazon at the moment for ANOTHER LIFE so if you have not read it or are looking for a holiday read, do head for Amazon and download.

It has been an endlessly grey wet winter but here in Cornwall spring comes early and colour is everywhere. As the daffodils begin to fade the magnolias and Azaleas are bursting with life in the gardens. It feels like emerging from a long hibernation. Life suddenly feels full of possibilities…

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