About Sara

About Sara

Sara MacDonaldIn forty years of living in Cornwall my sense of wonder has never diminished. It was here in the west that I put down my first roots and those roots have spread like tentacles and buried themselves deep into the Cornish soil.

I live in a beautiful part of the Cornish coast; a magical place of aquamarine seas, wild flowers filling the hedgerows and cliffs in spring and summer. Winters here can be harsh. I am battered by vicious winds and mists can descend for days shutting out the world.

My long love affair with the Cornwall began as a child,  then I came back with my own children to stay in St Ives for blissful summers in a beloved aunt’s cottage. After years of continually moving house every three years, it felt natural to eventually make my way down to Cornwall.

After I left school in Malta, I attended The London Academy of Music and Drama in London and worked in The Royal Theatre, Windsor, before becoming an army wife and moving to Germany, Austria and Norway, Singapore and Malaysia.

I’ve always kept a journal, and these were invaluable when I started writing, reminding me of a sense of time and place. My first book FALLS THE SHADOW was set in Malaysia in the 1950s and published by a small independent publisher. Years later I wrote THE HOUR BEFORE DAWN, a psychological thriller set in Malaysia and published by HarperCollins.

LISTENING TO VOICES and THE SLEEP OF BIRDS were published by Headline. SEA MUSIC, ANOTHER LIFE, THE HOUR BEFORE DAWN and COME AWAY WITH ME have all been published by HarperCollins.

IN A KINGDOM BY THE SEA is set in Cornwall and Karachi, where I was lucky to live for a year. Karachi was a wonderful, rich and exciting experience. It is a city that embraces love and friendship, despite all the hardships. I do not think it is possible to live in another culture without being changed by it. Writing this book has been an evocative journey re-living my time in Karachi with my imaginary characters, influenced, of course, by all the real and lovely people I met.

My new book THE LONG ROAD FROM KANDAHAR  is out on May 12 2022

I love this cover which sets the tone for the book so beautifully. This book is also set in Cornwall and in North Pakistan. It is about an extraordinary friendship between a young Pakistani boy and the son of a soldier serving in Afghanistan. It about the effect war has on children and the power of love and hope that keeps families together…

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