Come Away with Me

Come Away with Me

About the book

A chance meeting between two old friends leads to an obsessive love which will unearth long-hidden secrets, causing a bitter rift between two families.

Jenny and Ruth were best friends at school until Ruth moved suddenly away from their Cornish village and they lost all contact. Fourteen years later, a chance meeting on a train throws both their lives into turmoil. As they begin to fill in the gaps from the years that have passed, their old friendship sparks back into life.

One glimpse of Ruth’s son Adam sends Jenny into a spiral of love, grief and obsession. Adam is the image of Jenny’s husband, Tom, killed suddenly and tragically six months earlier. As Jenny discovers the truth about Adam, a powerful bond springs up between them that will have unforeseen consequences for both families.

‘Come Away with Me’ is a moving and provoking portrayal of how two women challenge each other’s identity in what becomes an unbearable life swap.


‘A very good read’ Woman’s Own

‘A believable tear jerker’ Bella

‘A compelling story from a talented writer’ Belfast Telegraph

‘Thoughtful and compelling storytelling’ Choice

A word about ‘Come Away With Me’ from the author

At one time I was travelling constantly back and forth on the Paddington to Penzance train. Strangers told me intriguing bits of their lives and then leapt off the train. I would hear disembodied snippets of conversations on mobile phones. One day, on an airport bus I saw a young boy who seemed the splitting image of a man I had once known. It started me thinking about loss, chance encounters and obsession.

Published by Harper Collins Publishers Ltd
ISBN 978-0-00-7201570

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