Listening to Voices

Listening to Voices

About the book

When Anna married Ian and became a mother to his daughter, Jessie, she knew she was taking a risk. She was aware of his past; of his former wife, Hester, whose campaign of harassment had ended when she was sectioned.

But only when the menacing phone calls and vitriolic letters begin to come does Anna catch a chilling glimpse of Hester’s world. A world where Anna is the enemy, the monster who stole Hester’s husband and child- for Hester has quite forgotten the true facts.

Ian had wanted a normal life; he had had enough of intensity and darkness. Yet, living with his small family in Cornwall, he has secretly missed the drama.

Maybe he needs a reminder of the past to show him how lucky he is.For the clever, plausible Hester wants to break through the barriers that have been set up between her and the revenge she craves…


‘ A gripping thriller which is guaranteed to child the blood’ ( Western Morning News)

‘A beautifully written tale.’ – Belfast Telegraph

‘Thoughtful and compelling storytelling’ – Choice

A note about ‘Listening to Voices’ from the author

Listening to Voices was conceived in an isolated lodge house I was living in at the time. It lay on the edge of thick woods and was triggered by a woman I found in my kitchen one day. I looked in from outside and saw a stranger making a cup of tea in my house. Somehow, she was on the inside of my lighted house and I was on the outside with the woods behind me. I was the outsider. A very strange feeling indeed.

Published Headline Book Publishing
ISBN 0747260532 / 978-0747260530

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