The Sleep of Birds

The Sleep of Birds

About the book

When Sigrid met Jake she found the older man talented and exciting. But when she is isolated with him in his remote cottage on Dartmoor he becomes as dangerous and frightening as the landscape.

Flying from his violence Sigrid takes refuge with friends in St Ives and begins to find peace- and a new love. Jake explodes again into her safe life, making her face her conflicting and powerful feelings for him as well as her dark childhood secrets.

Across the rugged coastline of Cornwall and the bleak and beautiful spaces of Dartmoor, Jake and Sigrid play out a desperate roles of flight and obsession in this haunting tale, where the cycle of damage must be broken before the future can emerge.


This book is wonderfully structured and is based in Dartmoor and St Ives Cornwall. Sara MacDonald is able to make the the locations come to life and the characters are perfectly balanced. This is a thriller that must be read. All those who have read it have raved over it and most have finished it one go. – Amazon customer

Sara MacDonald’s book is full of suspense, a real psychological thriller, captivating and impossible to put down from the beginning to end. The characters are overwhelmingly believable and the powerful hold Jake has over Sigrid is handled with great in-sight into a much mis-understood subject. – Amazon customer

A world about ‘The Sleep of Birds’ from the author

“I had friends who were living in Talland House, the holiday home of Virginia Woof’s family in St Ives. I spent time with them as they redecorated the house to re-capture the Bloomsbury era. The spirit of Woolf undoubtedly flitted in the shadows of that house.
I was also influenced by my love of Dartmoor. I walked the quarries and old railway line there with my dogs. It is awash with atmosphere and ghosts and I found it eerie and compelling.”

Published by Headline Book Publishing
ISBN 978-0747222194 / 0747222193

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