Books, Literary Festivals and Covid

Books, Literary Festivals and Covid




 I headed to London at the beginning of July for the HarperCollins summer party at the V&A, and promptly caught Covid before I even got to the party. After two years of avoiding the virus it struck the moment I stepped out of Cornwall. As if that was not bad enough I also missed giving a talk about my new book The Long Road from Kandahar at the Penzance Literary Festival. A double whammy. A publishers’ party is glamorous, but it is also a chance to talk to your editors and meet and thank your publishing team, as well as talk to fellow writer and agents. I was not happy to be Cinderella…


A literary festival is not only an opportunity to talk about and promote your book, it is a fabulous chance to listen to readers and hear what they think. It is an opportunity to thank the bookseller who has taken time to set up a table to help sell your books. It is a place to soak up other writers and discover new authors, new books so I was really sad to miss out.

So, @penzancelitfest, thank you for your card and for all the hard work that goes into making the festival a success. I am so sorry I could not be there.  I will try again next year!

Thank you @edgeoftheworldbookshop Thank you, @Waterstonestru

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