July 11th 2016

July 11th 2016

It is post referendum and a changed world. Take a break from twitter and Facebook, work for a few hours and a new dramatic saga has unfolded. Never have more people been engaged with politics or glued to screens big and small. Deep gloom is tempered by morbid fascination. What the hell is going to happen next!

The summer seems also strange; as if it is hanging there not quite making up its mind whether to blow in or blow past. Into this strange, uneasy July came the Penzance Litfest and very welcome it was too.

Writing is solitary and it is wonderful to spend time with other writers, listening to their work and sharing the same concerns. It does not seem to matter how successful or popular a writer is, we all seem to suffer from imposter syndrome.

I particularly enjoyed listening to Katharine Norbury talking about her first book THE FISH LADDER. She was a compelling speaker and I am absolutely devouring her poignant and beautifully written book.

It was fun meeting Amanda Jennings and I’m really looking forward to her latest book ‘in her wake.’ Her parents live in Zennor so she isn’t a stranger to Cornwall.

Lastly, but not least, I bought Andrew Miller’s THE CROSSING. He was an engaging speaker and spoke with charm but gave little away about his latest novel. This makes it all the more intriguing and I cannot wait to read.

What is more delicious than three crispy books on your bedside table…


As I am talking about books…  ANOTHER LIFE and SEA MUSIC have a special promotion going from July 8th until the end of August. So if you have not yet chosen your summer reads head to Amazon. This is the link.http://amzn.to/29aIeae

Have a lovely summer reading wonderful books!


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