Sunday Early Morning Walk

Sunday Early Morning Walk

Larks sang their hearts out on my early Sunday walk this morning with Gertie, the JR. People were already down in the little coves swimming in a sparkling aquamarine sea…What a surge of joy there is in waking to a day so beautiful the heart soars. The cliffs and fields are bursting with jewel like wild flowers. The sea is as still as a millpond as the day slowly awakes to a long hot Sunday…

The Long Road from Kandahar is out in the world in wonderful Indie bookshops like The Edge of the World Bookshop in Penzance and of course on Amazon.

It is also on Audible, beautifully read by

Azan Ahmed. It is a rather strange thing to listen to your book being read by someone else and hear a character  interpreted in a slightly different way than the one in your head. Wonderful too, as you listen, to hear your professional reader growing familiar with your characters so he slowly falls into the rhythm of your writing and brings your characters alive. It is a skill.



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