The Long Road from Kandahar: Due to be Published May 2022

The Long Road from Kandahar: Due to be Published May 2022

I am thrilled to reveal the beautiful cover for my new book. It reflects the heart and soul of my book so perfectly. It spans Cornwall, Pakistan and Afghanistan and  is out on May 12th this year. It has been a labour of love to write. One of those rare books where the characters come fully fledged and whole and the direction of the book is clear.

 My book is about many things. The war in Afghanistan. The powerful friendship  between two boys. One the son of a British soldier and the other a Pakistani boy sent to Britain to escape the Taliban. From vastly different cultures their lives are united and changed forever by the war in Afghanistan. The book is also about love and letting go. The strength of parents and grandparents. And, always, that enduring sense of place, of home, where a shabby old beach house in Cornwall burns behind the eyelids  and keeps hope and a refuge alive for everyone.

The book was finished before the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

For any bloggers or reviewers, my book is now open to review on Netgallery.

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