January 18 2013

Wild Seas

After a huge storm with the wind wuthering around the house all night and tearing the shed door open and getting into every crack the day dawned in silence and beautiful light.

People gathered with cameras and mobile phones to take the unusual sight of waves screaming into shore meeting those backing out and hitting each other with a tremendous wallop.

There was excitement in the thunder of surf hitting the iron railings and making them rattle, then the sound of the water being sucked out in huge volumes to hit the oncoming waves with a great clap of thunder.

We stood, small people on a wall, clicking away trying to capture the elusive moment of water rising fifteen feet into the air and splatting down raining seaweed and rocks onto the prom.

The Jubilee Pool was serene but outside the water raged and every seventh wave brought a huge white spray over the wall.

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