Month: May 2019

New book coming

New book coming

In a Kingdom by the SeaMy new book is finally finished and about to go out into the world. It comes out first on Kindle on the 7th June and the paper back is out on July 25th. It is exciting and scary at the same time. Writers spend so much time with their characters in it hard to let them go.

I set this book on the beautiful south west coastline. I used to walk the coastal path and look up at a little group of houses on the hill and think, how lovely to live up there. One day I saw a house was for sale in the area and went to look. As I drove down a long bumpy track with the sea glittering on my right I felt my excitement growing. And, suddenly, there it was, a little house tucked in the group of houses I had glimpsed from the coastal path The was in need of love and care, but I wasn’t interested in the inside that first day. I whipped out into the overgrown garden full of glossy camellia trees. The sun glittered on the sea like blue ice and that was it. I was enchanted…

So, now I walk everyday where my characters walked and sometimes, during the writing of this book, I was so emersed that I would forget if I was really me, or Gabby, in the book. I edited with a house full of builders and finished it at a desk overlooking the garden and sea. It was serendipitous. I was guided down a track to the little house I now live and write in…

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